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Uni-Versal Stylez is family owned and operated. We are also a veteran owned business. Pedro and Joanna have been married for 10 years and have 3 beautiful children. Pedro is a U.S. Army Combat Veteran. After his time in the military, he went to UT Arlington and earned his Bachelors in Business Administration with a dream to one day start a business that would change the world. With God's blessings and faith in their success, and some great stylists eager to get started, Joanna and Pedro teamed up to open Uni-Versal Stylez in September 2019. The salon is in a class of its own and made for other families like theirs. Mom, dad, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and everyone else... except maybe man's best friend, Rufus... can come and get their hair care with us!

And, being a mom herself, Joanna knows moms can take longer than a kid's cut and the kids get impatient waiting around, so we created a playroom for the little ones to stay entertained while mom is pampered and colored to perfection. We chose to use an all organic product line to ensure our products are safe for everyone and our color line is PPD free with less chemicals ridding the salon of that harsh chemical odor and making our clients more comfortable with no burn on the scalp during processing. But how will this business change the world? Keep reading to find out!


At Uni-Versal Stylez we are the providers of a truly “Modern Family Salon” experience which focuses on an entertaining and fun environment for children (Big screen movie room with bean bag chairs, arts and crafts style area, etc..), while having a relaxing and equally pleasing salon experience for adults. Our priorities will be to provide top notch customer service, a friendly and clean environment with up to date amenities for both children and adults, at a competitive price.

We encourage our staff to be open with leadership about new ideas and concepts, as well as have obtainable weekly rewards and recognition for hard work, dedication to our customers, and the success of the business. Uni-Versal Stylez will endeavor to be the premier place of opportunity for individuals that are passionate about their craft! Uni-Versal Stylez will change the world by showing kindness to all and helping the people in our communities by sharing our skills and resources with others. Our Styling for Students Program will send funds to the local schools to provide our children with the materials they need for success. We will not only donate funds, but also donate our time to help those in need with the Love Love Foundation and more programs in the area. We plan to impact the community and people around us to show that love, kindness, and giving are things we can all do to make a change.

Meet The Stylists


My name is Britany, thank you for taking a second to read my bio! Ever since I was old enough to color my friends hair I knew making people feel beautiful is what I wanted to do. I graduated from Tint School of Makeup and Cosmetology in December of 2019 and shortly after, I passed my exams and started my job at Uni-versal Stylez. In addition to passing all of my final exams, I also received certification in coloring and makeup application.


I have four kids and married my husband in 2016. I love kids and enjoy new little faces. I am always willing to learn new things about people and the beauty industry. My goal is to build relationships and have life long clients while continuing to learn new things.

When you leave my chair I want you to look and feel fabulous! In addition, I want to make your  time with me a pleasant and relaxing break in your day.

Christy-Senior Stylist

Would you like to have a stylist that listens to what you want and hears what you want need?  Then look no further!  My names Christy and welcome to my chair! 


I'm comfortable with all types of haircuts, blonding techniques (while maintaining the integrity of the hair), experienced in foils, balayage, and more.  I enjoy working with the whole family being a family woman myself as a wife and mommy of two kiddos. When I'm not in the salon, I spend my free time with my family and my two puppies.


Consultations and questions are always welcome. 

Call to book with me today!