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Erayba BIOme Organic Hair Care - 100% vegan! BIOme takes care of the health of your hair with organic active ingredients based on vegetable oils of coconut, macadamia, quinoa, moringa, aloe vera, karité shea, rice protein. .
BK Anti-Frizz Regimedy
Our ANTI-FRIZZ REGIMEDY combats the FRIZZ with Biotin, a water-soluble vitamin that helps to lock in amino acids and proteins. It is known as the B vitamin for hair that adds strength to each strand, while providing nourishment and structure. Keraveg18, a blend of different vegetable-based ingredients that improve combability, reduces damage, eliminates FRIZZ, while smoothing and moisturizing the cuticular layer. You will be left with beautiful, shiny hair, that is light as silk.
Detox Regimedy
Our Detox Regimedy allows this process to take effect. It has been shown that healthy hair cannot be maintained over long term without the regular incorporation of a detox. Detox eliminates toxins by using a blend of organic oils that stimulate blood flow, thus promoting a healthy scalp and in turn, healthy hair growth.
Custom Conditioner
Instant gratification for your hair in a 60 second mask that fills the cuticular layer, leaving it lightweight and manageable. A treatment mask with cumulative benefits that can be used daily, enhancing elasticity while providing protection. Filled with a strong blend of antioxidants; Infusion is the remedy for healthy hair. Add your custom color to keep your color looking fresh while hydrating your hair!
HydraKer Total Repair
Intense Keratin and Argan Oil therapy, absolute moisturized and renovated hair. Paraben free, salt free, sulfate free and hypoallergenic perfume. For damaged hair that needs special care and deep moisture. Enhanced hair reconstruction from inside out, hair protection, natural shine, nourishing and smoothing effect. Combine the HydraKer series for different therapy rituals and bring back your hair´s natural beauty.
Hydration Regimedy
Hydration is the key to survival. Throughout the day, we drink a lot of water to maintain our proper levels, as we need to continuously replenish. The same is true for our hair. If not hydrated properly, you are left with dull, lifeless and brittle strands. Our Hydration Regimedy drives moisture deep into the hair; to transform by adding flexibility, elasticity and shine.
Mesh Styling Cream
Great for styling curly hair. Catches the hair in a blanket of moist control, with supple, bouncy, touchable curls defined. Create structured flexibility with this styling hybrid.
Nutriactive N18
Leave in spray conditioner with collagen and elastin. For dry, weakened or damaged hair. Instant nourishing and shine. Detangles, enhances softness and ease of combing. Contains UV protection filter.
Mr. A Mens Hair Care
We know the best thing that a man can do for his hair is to maintain a healthy scalp, as the scalp is the foundation from which a great, healthy head of hair is derived.
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